On busy workdays I move around picking up stranger’s faces looking at them, trying to imagine their story.

Sometimes, if I get inspired, I ask them to sit for me. This doesn’t mean I paint their faces. I’m not interested in portraiture. I just want to capture theri souls, their hearts. I’m not looking for extreme stories, I wish to paint everyday life. I want my models to show their inner being, to express their hopes and fears. I like the awkward gait of young girls on their high heels.

I love seeing people dance and show of some steam just because they try to avoid breaking down in tears. I want to capture the pride, vanity and joy, but also the fleeting, the elusive. I’m interested in people who take the time for happiness and sadness.

I want the viewer to remember times in his life when he experienced such feelings.


Zsuzsanna Udvarhelyi